April 6, 2021

Anchorman: Actually Based on a True Story. Kinda...

Anchorman: Actually Based on a True Story. Kinda...
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Did you know that Anchorman was almost a very different movie? And that it was kind of based on a true story, maybe, a little?

This Episode we will discuss some of the similarities between Ron Burgundy's character in "Anchorman," and Philidelphia anchorman Mort Crim and his interactions with the first network Anchorwoman Jessica Savitch.

We talk about how your favorite anchorman was almost cut entirely from the movie by the studio and not for the reasons that you would think.

How the original script was very different and then we each take turns playing with the original concept of putting 1970's Anchormen into movies to see how the hilarity ensues

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