May 21, 2021

Princess Diaries: History - Julie Andrews Swearing Problem

Princess Diaries: History - Julie Andrews Swearing Problem
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The Princess Diaries is a classic for many reasons, but one of the most popular is the fact that it features a female protagonist. This was revolutionary in 2001 when the book series was released and people were finally able to see themselves as strong protagonists on screen. The film adaptation followed suit with Anne Hathaway starring as Mia Thermopolis, and had an immense influence on future films like Frozen, The Hunger Games, and even Batman.

Julie Andrews Cursing Problem

In an interview during a memorial for Gary Marshall, Anne Hathaway said that one of her favorite experiences on the set of the film was when Julie Andrews would flub a line and then start swearing. Julie Andrews denies that she swore on the set of this movie, but regardless, it's a funny anecdote for the cast and crew of this movie.

Books Vs. Movies

The Princess Diaries Movie was based off of a book series written by Meg Cabot. There are 11 books in the episode and they actually included much more diversity than the Disney Film. We talk about some of the other differences from the books. Disney really found a gem of a title when they came up with "Shut up and listen" in the books its called, "Lily tells it like it is"

What's Next

We have a purely speculative talk about ways that we could reboot the film franchise and spin it off into a Disney Plus series starring a much more diverse cast of young actors. Do we do a Continuation? A Reboot? A Reunion Show or a spin off? Maybe we can do them all!

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