March 30, 2021

Anchorman: The Legend of Consent, Quotes, and Nostalgia

Anchorman: The Legend of Consent, Quotes, and Nostalgia
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Anchorman - Consent, Quotes and Nostalgia

"This podcast might be the greatest podcast in the history of mankind and if you do not agree with me I will fight you and that is not a lie." Anchorman (2004) is a movie about Ron Burgundy, a news anchor in the 1970's and his reaction to the station's first Anchorwoman. We discuss why people like the movie, the importance of consent, and how to deal with problematic media that holds a nostalgic place in our hearts.  

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Next week we will cover some of the history that inspired the movie, some of the history from the making of the movie, and talk about the Anchorman movie that never was.  

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